Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Learned Something New Today.

I learned something new today--something I definitely never wanted to know about. Let's visit some foreign countries and take a taste of their cuisine.

NOTE: NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH, OKAY? Really. If you get sick easily, don't read this. I watched a video in Sociology today and I want to write about what I--er--learned. I think it might help me retain it better.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Imagine sitting down to dinner in Hanoi and glancing over the menu. You see "snake," and you and your friends decide to try it. The waiter nods. He comes back minutes later with a squirming, hissing, venomous snake. With a deft motion, he uses a small scalpel knife to slit open the snake's chest and drip the blood into a clear glass. A moment later the still-beating heart drops into a shot glass along with a small sampling of blood. This glass goes to the host while the other members of the party receive the same glasses with blood only.

I kid you not. This is considered a delicacy.

Tomorrow, I bring you the deadliest fish in the world--and where it's eaten.

~Mercia Dragonslayer


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