About Me

About me, you ask?

I'm a teenaged homeschooled girl who loves to write, draw, and read. I am also a conservative Christian, and I love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and wish to glorify Him in everything I do.

I first started writing fiction seriously four and a half years ago upon meeting a girl named Samii. She was writing a novel about elves at the time, and I looked up to her and wanted to do the same. Thus began the terribleness that is The Healer. I never finished it, but I learned from it--I will say that.

Then came the sagas. Samii and I, out of a fit of boredom, began writing a series of stories that we called 'sagas.' I think the manner in which we wrote them would be called Role Playing nowadays, but I honestly had no idea what role playing was at the time. From these sagas came my best characters--Fallor, Belerion, Viggo, Brisies, and many more. My penname Mercia came from that era, too.

I eventually branched off into independence and wrote my own stories. Charuga, Iron, and Erevir are just a few of the first novels I attempted writing. They're awful. Trust me. But I grew through my writing and now I would say that I'm a better writer than I would be if I hadn't made so many mistakes.

I have so many characters and stories floating about in my head. Fallor, Jeline, Brinian, Catrin, Emrys, Viggo... Perhaps someday I will share their stories with the world and change it, one story at a time.