The Novels

As you know, I am primarily a fiction writer. I love writing novels, short stories, one-shots, etcetera. Here, you can find a list of the novels I've completed, plus a few of the ones I'm currently working on. I will try to group them by series for you, and hopefully in chronological order, but not necessarily the order they would be in the series.

I ask that you please not copy these ideas anywhere, or use them to gain profit. Thanks so much!

...On that note, if you have for some reason written fanfiction of my characters/novels, I would be greatly astounded. I would love to see it if you have.

Prince of Thieves

Kahil receives a startling revelation from an outlaw (imagine!) and must go to Blythn to sort things out. Once they arrive, the king is nearly assassinated, an angry elf begins stalking Kahil with intent to murder, and he gets beat in a duel by a twelve-year-old. Honestly, could life get any worse?

Timeline: Approximately 14-15 years before the start of Love.
Series: Technically this is a part of the Fallor/Jeline storyline, but since this is really about Kahil, I haven't put it in the official series. It's really just a plot bunny that's been revised several times, and will eventually be made into a young adult novel for my sister.
Status: Chapter 11


Fallor Braeden hates his life. His father doesn't love him, won't spend time with him, and hates the only thing Fallor loves--archery. With a slightly mental brother and an impending marriage, Fallor calls it quits and runs away. That's when he meets Caradoc and the outlaws, and his whole world is turned upside down, quite literally...

Timeline: 6-8 years before the start of Love, chronologically.
Series: Second book in the Fallor/Jeline saga. Yes, it comes before the first book, but that's the way the whole goulash was written, and it really makes more sense to read Love first.
Status: Draft V


Jeline never realized the trouble being a double agent would bring. On a visit to a human ambassador to warn him of the elfin coup, she meets a most interesting man in the person of a well-informed thief, whose cousin just happens to be a notorious outlaw. One thing leads to another and soon Jeline is mixed up in a tangle of romance and politics that, for once, she can't get herself out of.

Timeline: This is it! This is the beginning. Everything else is just 'relative' to this story.
Series: First in the Fallor/Jeline saga.
Status: Chapter 7


After seven years of a loving marriage, Fallor finds himself alone when his wife is brutally murdered. He wallows in his grief for ten long years, leaving his young daughter to fend for herself, and forcing his best friend to take over leadership of the outlaw band. Then his best friend is killed by the same fiend who killed Jeline, and Fallor realizes it is time to step up and be the man he couldn't be before--only to find that no one will believe him anymore.

Timeline: A span of 7-17 years after Love.
Series: Third in the Fallor/Jeline saga. This wraps up the whole thing, although I suspect that at some point, I will be writing stories about Brinian.
Status: Draft II

Psychological Recovery: Six Months (Tentative Title)

A man struggles to remember remembering what could possibly be the most important event in the universe. But according to The Academy, he is to forget about all of this and focus on his training--his Time training, and the preparation to kill one of the most important men in the universe and prevent millenia of events from happening.

Timeline: ~8000 A.D./3000 A.D. I'm still working out the exact dates on this one.
Series: Sequel AND prequel to Hero. I'm not sure how that happened. Currently, they're just two science fiction stand-alones that are directly related to one another.
Status: writing


In a world of every-day space travel, Sawyer is a new graduate with high hopes for being a successful computer technician. While on the job at his lab, Sawyer is told to catalog a mysterious device and figure out how it works. Then he's illegally drafted into the inter-galactic military--and that's only the beginning of his troubles.

Timeline: ~7600 A.D. Once again, haven't quite figured out the date yet.
Series: Connected to PR6Mo, but not in a series yet.
Status: writing